How Can I Play the Zelda Theme Song?

How Can I Play the Zelda Theme Song?
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The Legend of Zelda games inspired countless individuals to take up music for the first time. Koji Kondo’s compositions that are played throughout the games franchise are truly magical. There is no doubt that when the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony, Symphony of the Goddesses, in 2011, the music from the video game made it to the mainstream and earned the acclaim of the musical elite all around the world. The performance was called “a remarkable glimpse into the spellbinding world of Zelda through the lens of world-class orchestral music”.

The music from Legend of Zelda is masterful and any music worthwhile of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ought to be commemorated. So, how do you play it?

Legend of Zelda: The primary theme was written by Koji Kondo and has been transcribed for playing on|numerous different instruments. There are transcriptions offered for piano, guitar and violin. However, by far the most popular means to play the Zelda theme tune, particularly among those who have actually never ever played a musical instrument prior, is to play it on the ocarina.

The ocarina is the instrument that is featured in the Legend of Zelda video game Ocarina of Time. This ancient instrument is thought to go back around 12,000 years. It is a very versatile instrument that can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, clay, as well as plastic.

There are numerous kinds of ocarinas, but the very best one on which to play the theme tune is The Ocarina of Time 7 Hole from Songbird Ocarina.

There are three methods you can learn to play the Legend of Zelda theme tune on an ocarina. If you know the song and know the notes of the ocarina, you can figure it out “by ear”. With experience you will begin to get proficient at finding the first note of the song, and building from there. If you play a wrong note, simply make use of the “procedure of elimination” to attempt another finger combination up until you “stumble upon” the right note. Then play the phrase once more including your brand-new found right note. You will find that with experience and practice you will get “fortunate” and stumble upon the correct note more and more frequently and quickly!

If you understand how to read sheet music, you can learn to apply the notes to the ocarina finger positions. Find the song online and follow along with your ocarina.

You can follow ocarina tablature to quickly learn the finger positions and rhythms for the Legend of Zelda theme tune.

With a little practice and lots of perseverance you will soon master the theme tune – simply picture how astonished your friends and family will be!

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