Free Psychics How Many Doomsday Predictions are Made by Free Psychics

Free Psychics How Many Doomsday Predictions are Made by Free Psychics
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Do you ever wonder why more free psychics don’t make more doomsday predictions? The modern media is always hungry for the sensational news. The idea of dooms day is the best fodder that these media people can get hold of. When this LHC (which stands for large hadron collider) experiment started there was lot many predictions about this doomsday. The tv and all other types of media had extensive coverage of these doomsday predictions. There was scare threat all over the world. The ordinary people are as it is very sensitive to this type of news. There are too many disaster movies in the market, and this article may shed some light on why so few free psychics make doomsday future predictions.

The imagination of the common people has become very sensitive and they feel that this large hadron collider or lhc experiment is going to be just like another science disaster movie. The smart media people added to it some psychic prediction lhc cern. This made the public opinion too much sensitive on this issue. There was lot many psychic prediction lhc cern. All were predicting the doomsday type of predictions. There was not a single one predicting something good for the human race coming out of this large hadron collider or lhc experiment. Nostradamus is a very famous name in these psychic predictions. Many people believe that all his prophesies so far have turned out to be true. They will also tell you about how the first and second world was predicted by this gentleman.

In case of this large hadron collider experiment undertaken by CERN, there was lot many negative psychic predictions. Nostradamus gives his predictions in the form of verses. It is difficult to translate them and difficult to interpret them. The rough translation of the verse will be as follows.

Migrate migrate everyone [out] of Geneva everyone.
Saturn will change from gold to iron
The contra Raypoz will exterminate everyone.
Before the event the sky will show sign.

The first point is that in this prediction there is very clear mention of Geneva. The large hadron collider facility is situated near Geneva. This made lot many people to believe that all this refers to disaster at lhc experiment. There are lot many other predictions which invariably like to link France or Geneva in some way to this disaster. In case of Nostradamus the doomsday will be some time in October 2008. There are no further predictions after this date as the world is not supposed to exist there after. All these psychic prediction re: lhc cern were used by the media to create an atmosphere of hysteria among the common people. Do you think free psychics ever freak out? The fact is that due to a technical problem this lhc experiment had to stop on 22 September 2008. The next lhc experiment can not be undertaken before spring in 2009. So far all those doomsday predictions have failed.

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